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Attacking tactics and strategies Empty Attacking tactics and strategies

Post by FrontiersoBlake on Mon Oct 20, 2014 11:27 am

We can use this thread to go over attacking strategies and tactics for war. If there is enough interest we can also branch off in another thread into regular raiding strategies as well. 
My thought on how to work this is to have specific question and answers on specific targets during each war. We can have a new thread for each war so we don't get this one bogged down and confusing. With this thread I want to share links and info to attacking strategies that you have liked and work well for you. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. There are tons of great videos and descriptions of attacking strategies all over the web. So look them up and either link to them or put them in the post if possible. 
I will start with that I am not an expert in attacking strategies (see my last war performance for proof). I think that each one of us can help teach others about something that they look for or have learned the hard way that may help someone else. 
My attacking pointers (in order):

  1. Basically any army composition other than mass dragons requires that you draw out the clan castle (CC) troops before committing you whole army. Even mass dragons benefits from luring the CC first. It is just not as dramatic of an advantage with mass dragons. This consists of using the scouting feature to find the edge of the CC's trigger zone that is closest to the side of the base. Then sacrificing a few low level troops to make the CC troops deploy. Once deployed they will chase any of you troops on the whole map. Beware all of the CC troops do not deploy immediately if your sacrifice troops die too quickly only part of the garrison will deploy leaving the rest to cause you trouble later. Once they are all deployed either kill them right there by adding more troops than they can handle or draw them further out by placing troops in the far corners of the map. This works especially well on maps that have "cornered" (we will get to this later) their builders huts or other low hp buildings. You can drop a few troops out at the far corners and the CC troops will chase them out there away from the base defenses. Once unprotected drop just enough troops to finish them off quickly. Once they are out of the way then proceed with your attack. During war it is almost guaranteed that you will have to deal with high quality high level CC troops. The same goes for Barbarian Kings and Archer Queens if its possible to draw them out then you need to do it first. If it is not possible then you may want to avoid Giant attacks BK's and AQ's will demolish giants really quickly.
  2. See #1
  3. Learn to read the bases you are going to attack. Pick a base that suits the attack style that you are familiar with. If you use Giants then pick a base that has an easy to lure CC and BK/AQ. If you are going mass dragons look for low level air defenses that are clustered to close or spread too far. Especially if they are near the edge of the base. There are lots of tips and tricks out there spend some time doing some research. Hopefully we will get a good set of examples up here before long. 

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